Friday, October 14, 2011

Narrowing Down the Breeds..

So I had the I want a third dog convo with my mom today.. She seems to be okay with it.. She'd rather a cocker.. But she doesn't really know anything else..

So the list is American cockers, Mini poodles and Chinese cresteds..

I want the pretty breed standard puppy.. but I want proven performance lines.. TOGETHER!!

Sadly most are one or the other..

So Cresteds..

The pretty I adore.. Jewel's
The AKC top invitational agility dogs.. which has a still down website Chinaroad

American Cockers..

The pretty I love in colours I adore like roan.. but few performance titles and they didn't answer my emails (though they may have gone to spam and have an odd policy of not wanting people on their property I'm a little weird over). AJ Kennels
Then there's the top invitational dogs.. TellTail

And Mini poodles.. There's not much to pick from. I sadly like partis, but minis in any colour aren't doing much in performance. There's Songbird and not much else, at least not consistently. The invitational lumps all sizes together and standards dominate the list.. My fave breeder is local and has a sadly defunct line. Gone to the AAC Nationals an done well.. sadly her pick from her last litter was a one balled wonder, and it killed her line..

I'd like a pup 6-8 months down the road.. she won't have a new girl for years...

Another cocker sounds easy.. but I also want to make sure it's from parentage DOING performance.. Many of the rocking dogs are shown by other people and may not be being bred...

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