Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's like May outside!!!

My weight is down to 156.5 pounds. Boo yeah!

I need 180 more rideout hours, and sadly it will take until super late April. Yay and boo...

My Brain collar is en route.. It should arrive this week!!!! And.. I'm taking my first plane trip by myself. I booked the tickets Monday night for May. It makes me want the end of school to come even faster.. as now I have something fun to go do after.

Sadly, no job prospects yet..

There is an uber duber cute puppy I'd love if he had the right personality.. 13-14 weeks old.. Waned for a show home, and I'm not sure if they'd think I dabble enough. Sadly I fear contacting if he's right or wrong for me.. as I'm not free to go see him till May.. Way way too long.

It's 18 degrees Celsius and sunny outside. My 6 hours of class was brutal. I wan to go sun myself and play with my pups.