Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Whoo Seven!

Got a neonatal resuscitation in lab today. Did well, passed. Got my 7th scenario, with two weeks left. Boo yeah!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yay patho!

Never thought I'd ever say that.. I found out today I'm getting an 83%. Boo yeah! I'm far less scared for exams now..

Hoping to pass my scenario tomorrow.. It would be my 7th which is what I need to get through the semester..

Thursday, November 10, 2011

More School...

Did my first ride out Saturday night. Whooo.. Sadly, 3/4 calls were alcohol intoxication since with fall back they had an extra hour to drink..

I passed another scenario in lab, so that's 5/6.. need two more of four.

Ride out again tomorrow, saturday and sunday at dawn. SO not looking forward to getting up at 4am..

And then work all day monday.. I want to sleep...

Thursday, November 3, 2011


One step closer to being able to graduate... to a job... to puppydom!

I managed a 78 on my patho exam. Last year I averaged 63-68 no matter how hard tried, how much I studied. I've been super anxious worried I did poorly but I did well... So WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

So so hard not to take a break and go look at my breeders list..

But instead I sit here with henna on my head.. trying to do a patho assignment.. while tryign to relax. Work tomorrow, though I don't know what they want me to do..

I hope Becca will call later. I could use the distraction ;)

Ooh Halloween... I dressed Cider up as a fairy.. Sadly she couldn't stay that way for fear she'd destroy the wings.. Seven years.. First time I've really bought her a costume. Sadly, Moo got screwed.. I tried the wings on him he was so so unhappy...

Friday, October 21, 2011

All I want to do is looking for new classes for the dogs in varying things.. Puppy search.. When I should be doing homework, I find myself looking at my top 8 breeder pics hoping for spring litter news. I'm hopeless...

I somehow lost a microdermal in my sleep. Painless, popped out. I found it in my bed this afternoon when I realized it was missing. I couldn't really believe it. *sigh* I will let it heal and maybe get both missing microdermals replaced. I'm sad about removing my lip rings last week still..

I've been looking at doggie daycare options. I am so busy.. School, lab practising, soon there will be work as well and rideouts. I already lack time. I found off leash walks that sound promising. I'd think about paying her once a week to take my two, but I've never handed my guys off before and feel weird about it.

I'm anxiously awaiting the photos I had put on 16 x 20, and 16 x 24" canvases..

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cocker Breeders!

I finally decided to break down and ask cocker agility people. I'm on a yahoo group I use rarely. I wrote a novel and got a good number of emails. Many recommendations, a lot of the same recommendations ;) And 2 breeders I've looked at emailed me themselves. So I have a list of 5-8 with decent agility track records..

Here's hoping someone will have a litter ready spring or summer, and have a boy.. and it hopefully not be black as Smudge is just too hot all the time.. and good drive and be available, haha.

And be able to graduate... 6 more months to go....


Friday, October 14, 2011

Narrowing Down the Breeds..

So I had the I want a third dog convo with my mom today.. She seems to be okay with it.. She'd rather a cocker.. But she doesn't really know anything else..

So the list is American cockers, Mini poodles and Chinese cresteds..

I want the pretty breed standard puppy.. but I want proven performance lines.. TOGETHER!!

Sadly most are one or the other..

So Cresteds..

The pretty I adore.. Jewel's
The AKC top invitational agility dogs.. which has a still down website Chinaroad

American Cockers..

The pretty I love in colours I adore like roan.. but few performance titles and they didn't answer my emails (though they may have gone to spam and have an odd policy of not wanting people on their property I'm a little weird over). AJ Kennels
Then there's the top invitational dogs.. TellTail

And Mini poodles.. There's not much to pick from. I sadly like partis, but minis in any colour aren't doing much in performance. There's Songbird and not much else, at least not consistently. The invitational lumps all sizes together and standards dominate the list.. My fave breeder is local and has a sadly defunct line. Gone to the AAC Nationals an done well.. sadly her pick from her last litter was a one balled wonder, and it killed her line..

I'd like a pup 6-8 months down the road.. she won't have a new girl for years...

Another cocker sounds easy.. but I also want to make sure it's from parentage DOING performance.. Many of the rocking dogs are shown by other people and may not be being bred...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

AKC Invitationals......

I think Frenchies are out. We had a good agility weekend..

Cider got a steeplechase Q and a Master Jumpers Q saturday. The jumpers Q is her 10th MJ Q. She received an Expert Jumpers Bronze title. Makes her the 16th American Cocker ever to get one.

Smudge came home with a Master Jumpers Q sunday. Not bad for either of them as I haven't take lessons in ages thanks to a lack of time and money due to school.

Cider had a lovely MJ round on sunday as well as a lovely master standard. Sadly both were 5 fault runs. It was a good weekend.

3 Qs, 6 1sts, 2 2nds, a third, a fourth, and a title

So.. We met an agility Frenchie at the trial. Snorty and cute.. but I think I want anther good prospect.. plus a $3000 price tag ouch..

So.. I've got a cocker kennel with multiple invitational dogs. A crestie kennel with multiple invitees.. And mini poodles are still on the list.. but all the sizes are grouped together. I'm not sure there's a kennel or two I like yet.. Lastly there's still the cocker breeder with pretty show dogs I like. Sadly, who knows their drive. I'm finding the more I play with my two these days.. the sadder I am Smudge doesn't have more drive... I thought it would be easier, but actually, I'm frustrated. So I can't pick a breed, or a kennel. I'd adore a pretty blue roan.. but drive is more important...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

And no email..

I resent my email from my other email address. Here is hoping that it went to spam as opposed to not wanting to talk to me. When I wanted a second pup I had a bunch of un-returned emails and I don't think it was just a spam issue. I had rude phone calls.. I was too young, and inexperienced and no one would even sell me a pet, let alone a confo prospect...

So I resent the email. I really want a flashy puppy...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fever Fever Fever..

So I keep looking at breeders. I really shouldn't be.. I find miniature poodle breeders and crested breeders.. but none that move me to the point of omg, I want to contact them.

So of course I keep looking at cocker breeders.. And if I go the cocker route again I really want a flashier colour.. Blue roan being the top of my list, with blue roan and tan, tri coloured, silver, black and white parti, variations of sable being on the list.

Well I found a breeder with a lot of blue roans in their lines who shows well in confo.. health tests decently. Really my only Q is drive and how well some of her dogs do in sports as she herself doesn't appear to.

I've always been turned off of cocker people breeding merle, but she is dabbling with merle with the vision of quality. Breeding champions to merles and outcrossing back to champions again. Her merles look quality. She has a real vision and goals and is working on achieving them in a way I can support. I'd almost contemplate a merle cocker, but really I'd love a blue roan..

Sadly it is not the right time, though the right time is who knows when. I mentioned the want of another puppy and my Mom flipped.. Sadly for the right dog in a colour and sex I want I might need to be planning a year or two or more ahead.. But if she had a puppy in six months I'd need to be able to take it as they have a deposit policy.. and 6 months from now is so not a great time frame.. This year of school is brutal and I'm less than a month in, ahhh. I'd love to post pics, but as I haven't contacted the breeder even though I only have lovely things to say.. I sadly need to post a cartoon instead.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Puppy Puppy Puppy Fever..

Oh I have puppy fever.. Like really badly. Like know why people go to terrible stores to get a right this minute puppy ~ not that I would.. But I can't pick a single breed.. Another cocker would be so easy.. but I like mini poodles, and cresteds.. but have a lot of wants in my next pup. I want versatility, show quality and a flashier colour than my kids.

I found field spaniels and really like, but they are bigger than the size I like (cocker and smaller).
Sadly, another far away breeder means no conformation help.. but many other sports I already have enough contacts to learn enough about. My last confo foray was pretty awful.. and while I'd like to try again I don't think I could do it alone..

So I keep looking at breeder sites. And upcoming litters.. but it couldn't be a worse time and I'm not sure when a good time will be. And for any rocking breeder I'd obviously have to pre-plan, maybe even years..


puppy wants...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pink puppies

I redyed Cider today and hennaed my own.. It's not as pink as I'd like it.. but it's brighter than it was. I guess this means no WCFA dancing for us. Not that we have time anyhow..

I suppose I shall just enter a pink dog in earthdog in the spring for laughs. And do some more pink AAC agility next month..

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I miss summer..

This marks week three of school.  You'd think we would be still settling in, but so far I have had 2 exams and 2 assignments with the stress of a lab to be evaluated on coming up.

I miss Ben and Becca, and the Holler.. and just having time to cuddle my dogs...

The easy things..  I'd like to have time to work out more, and sleep more..  and train my dogs more..

I want more of this...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Ella's Lead Review

I forgot I had one of these... Look it's a blog!

So my favourite collar maker is Ella's Lead. They make fantastic leather collars. They make other fun things like rope and leather leashes, but the collars are to die for. I have four. My guys have two they wear everyday though I would love to order more. It was more than I'd ever spent on a collar, but it is more than worth it. They have broken in well, and look lovely.

We actually got to meet the faces behind Ella's Lead this summer on our American road trip.

This is Luke. Sadly he lacks opposable thumbs , but he tries to help the business all he can. Here he is telling me I can stay forever.

This is the other half of the partnership, this is the elusive Ophelia! Dainty and a little shy, but a wonderful girl. She would prefer you love on her rather than make collars.

While on vacation Smudge had this fabulous collar made. After a long hard day of blogging our trip, here he is sleeping in it. It's a custom design, but they can do anything :)

How sparkly and pretty it is! It's 1.5" tapered to 1" although my kids are American cockers, they have a lot of neck and these look really elegant.

They've worn well while swimming all summer, they just need a little conditioning from time to time, and this black latigo is super thick and rich.

But, that's not all the swag we took home. Smudge is sadly so happy he is a little oblivious.. Ella's Lead also makes embroidered things!

He hasn't really worn it yet, but it is also fantastic... Still not done though ;) Cider has a similar collar to Smudge's.

I have to admit I bought this for Smudge... but he looks so great in the red and black that Cider is wearing the congac.

Poor Kat who crossed the bridge this summer also got herself Ella's Lead bling while we visited. It's a little different than the cocker kids collars. It really suited her.

A cute matching set even over the mundane like dinner time..

We get endless comments at trials, and everyone wants to not only look, but touch their collars. I can see how one could have a collar addiction honestly. I have plans already or future collars. I think Cider needs a military collar. Both need embroidered collars that say 'honorary JRT' to go to all the JRT events we attend. I could see a McStolly in Cider's future. Wild and crazy a little like she is. Smude tried on a wonderful white leather collar of Luke's that was way too big, but looked amazing, as did a baby blue vegan collar. That's right. If you do not like leather there are options these days that look just as elegant. I wasn't sold on the vegan, but getting to touch it in person- I'd totally get one too. Sadly there is only so much collar budget while in school :(

Try not to pair too many together though. Not everything works well paired together no matter what Dekka claims.

I think that's more than enough pics for today. I'll post some of the trip pics later. We got some really nice ones. If you are looking for a collar for your furkids, or a present for a pet lover check out the bling at Ella's Lead. They are really easy to design with.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cocker Ribbons..

Cider got her first championship title as well as her rally team title. Smudge got his first advanced Q. Due to such a good showing from the dogs.. we decided on cheeseburgers for all as a treat.