Friday, September 16, 2011

Ella's Lead Review

I forgot I had one of these... Look it's a blog!

So my favourite collar maker is Ella's Lead. They make fantastic leather collars. They make other fun things like rope and leather leashes, but the collars are to die for. I have four. My guys have two they wear everyday though I would love to order more. It was more than I'd ever spent on a collar, but it is more than worth it. They have broken in well, and look lovely.

We actually got to meet the faces behind Ella's Lead this summer on our American road trip.

This is Luke. Sadly he lacks opposable thumbs , but he tries to help the business all he can. Here he is telling me I can stay forever.

This is the other half of the partnership, this is the elusive Ophelia! Dainty and a little shy, but a wonderful girl. She would prefer you love on her rather than make collars.

While on vacation Smudge had this fabulous collar made. After a long hard day of blogging our trip, here he is sleeping in it. It's a custom design, but they can do anything :)

How sparkly and pretty it is! It's 1.5" tapered to 1" although my kids are American cockers, they have a lot of neck and these look really elegant.

They've worn well while swimming all summer, they just need a little conditioning from time to time, and this black latigo is super thick and rich.

But, that's not all the swag we took home. Smudge is sadly so happy he is a little oblivious.. Ella's Lead also makes embroidered things!

He hasn't really worn it yet, but it is also fantastic... Still not done though ;) Cider has a similar collar to Smudge's.

I have to admit I bought this for Smudge... but he looks so great in the red and black that Cider is wearing the congac.

Poor Kat who crossed the bridge this summer also got herself Ella's Lead bling while we visited. It's a little different than the cocker kids collars. It really suited her.

A cute matching set even over the mundane like dinner time..

We get endless comments at trials, and everyone wants to not only look, but touch their collars. I can see how one could have a collar addiction honestly. I have plans already or future collars. I think Cider needs a military collar. Both need embroidered collars that say 'honorary JRT' to go to all the JRT events we attend. I could see a McStolly in Cider's future. Wild and crazy a little like she is. Smude tried on a wonderful white leather collar of Luke's that was way too big, but looked amazing, as did a baby blue vegan collar. That's right. If you do not like leather there are options these days that look just as elegant. I wasn't sold on the vegan, but getting to touch it in person- I'd totally get one too. Sadly there is only so much collar budget while in school :(

Try not to pair too many together though. Not everything works well paired together no matter what Dekka claims.

I think that's more than enough pics for today. I'll post some of the trip pics later. We got some really nice ones. If you are looking for a collar for your furkids, or a present for a pet lover check out the bling at Ella's Lead. They are really easy to design with.

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