Thursday, September 22, 2011

Puppy Puppy Puppy Fever..

Oh I have puppy fever.. Like really badly. Like know why people go to terrible stores to get a right this minute puppy ~ not that I would.. But I can't pick a single breed.. Another cocker would be so easy.. but I like mini poodles, and cresteds.. but have a lot of wants in my next pup. I want versatility, show quality and a flashier colour than my kids.

I found field spaniels and really like, but they are bigger than the size I like (cocker and smaller).
Sadly, another far away breeder means no conformation help.. but many other sports I already have enough contacts to learn enough about. My last confo foray was pretty awful.. and while I'd like to try again I don't think I could do it alone..

So I keep looking at breeder sites. And upcoming litters.. but it couldn't be a worse time and I'm not sure when a good time will be. And for any rocking breeder I'd obviously have to pre-plan, maybe even years..


puppy wants...

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