Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fever Fever Fever..

So I keep looking at breeders. I really shouldn't be.. I find miniature poodle breeders and crested breeders.. but none that move me to the point of omg, I want to contact them.

So of course I keep looking at cocker breeders.. And if I go the cocker route again I really want a flashier colour.. Blue roan being the top of my list, with blue roan and tan, tri coloured, silver, black and white parti, variations of sable being on the list.

Well I found a breeder with a lot of blue roans in their lines who shows well in confo.. health tests decently. Really my only Q is drive and how well some of her dogs do in sports as she herself doesn't appear to.

I've always been turned off of cocker people breeding merle, but she is dabbling with merle with the vision of quality. Breeding champions to merles and outcrossing back to champions again. Her merles look quality. She has a real vision and goals and is working on achieving them in a way I can support. I'd almost contemplate a merle cocker, but really I'd love a blue roan..

Sadly it is not the right time, though the right time is who knows when. I mentioned the want of another puppy and my Mom flipped.. Sadly for the right dog in a colour and sex I want I might need to be planning a year or two or more ahead.. But if she had a puppy in six months I'd need to be able to take it as they have a deposit policy.. and 6 months from now is so not a great time frame.. This year of school is brutal and I'm less than a month in, ahhh. I'd love to post pics, but as I haven't contacted the breeder even though I only have lovely things to say.. I sadly need to post a cartoon instead.

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