Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ooh it's been a while..

Horses.. Squee!!
What's new..

I graduated school.  Boo yeah.  Lord it was a 2 year uphill battle, and would suggest taking nursing if you want to go into medicine in some way..  The AEMCA is in a few weeks.. = terror.  Rideouts finally ended.  Thank the lord.  The grad ceremony is in a month.

All I want to do is chill and sleep.  I am still so damn tired.

I was told no third cocker spaniel.. so I sure did get a horse :)

And I ordered more Ella's lead collars.  Of course!

This is Panzer.  Thanks SR for renaming her.  She was Callie, and I liked it.. but it made me think of 'calla lily' and she is well... not delicate.   So Panzer is German for tank.  She is built like one.  A chunky monkey. 

This is Ivy frolicking with Panzer.  Panzer has gotten a little bit thinner since coming home.  Most active horse.. ever.