Wednesday, October 12, 2011

AKC Invitationals......

I think Frenchies are out. We had a good agility weekend..

Cider got a steeplechase Q and a Master Jumpers Q saturday. The jumpers Q is her 10th MJ Q. She received an Expert Jumpers Bronze title. Makes her the 16th American Cocker ever to get one.

Smudge came home with a Master Jumpers Q sunday. Not bad for either of them as I haven't take lessons in ages thanks to a lack of time and money due to school.

Cider had a lovely MJ round on sunday as well as a lovely master standard. Sadly both were 5 fault runs. It was a good weekend.

3 Qs, 6 1sts, 2 2nds, a third, a fourth, and a title

So.. We met an agility Frenchie at the trial. Snorty and cute.. but I think I want anther good prospect.. plus a $3000 price tag ouch..

So.. I've got a cocker kennel with multiple invitational dogs. A crestie kennel with multiple invitees.. And mini poodles are still on the list.. but all the sizes are grouped together. I'm not sure there's a kennel or two I like yet.. Lastly there's still the cocker breeder with pretty show dogs I like. Sadly, who knows their drive. I'm finding the more I play with my two these days.. the sadder I am Smudge doesn't have more drive... I thought it would be easier, but actually, I'm frustrated. So I can't pick a breed, or a kennel. I'd adore a pretty blue roan.. but drive is more important...

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