Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh the woe

So Smudge came down with an infection. He may have been able to lick his scrotum but not the incision. It was swollen, gross, red and crusty.. Poor boy was so upset and in so much pain.. I had to take the day off work so I could get him into the vet first thing yesterday morning.

After an antibiotic shot and 2 antibiotic pills he seems perkier and more like himself. The painkillers probably aren't hurting the situation either ;)

I need to take a pic of the uber geekness with the new cone with the 'extender' I added of cardboard to make SURE he can not reach. He was so enthused by it that he woke me up at 3am to cuddle and shove my head in his cone contraption so we could sleep sharing being cone heads.

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