Sunday, March 21, 2010

*sigh* Work Party

Friday was the last day of our ski season. I've been feeling pretty anti ski since I didn't pass my level 2 ski instructor. I had a fun week of march break supervising.. but I didn't ski once during it. Since I've really had enough.. I'm just not feeling like going tonight to see these people. I have to present the award to assistant of the year though. So I have to go.

Feels like it's taking a chunk out of my day.. like I can't do anything else because I have to go to work for 6:30.

Smudge is better. He is a member of the pancake club now. His scrotum reminds me of the dehydrated apple people I made back in like grade 1 or 2. He's all shrively and odd looking. I bathed him yesterday even though they said to wait 14 days and it had only been 10. I really couldn't wait any longer. He smelled pretty awful.

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