Saturday, June 23, 2012


I like stuff.  Apparently too much..  Have horse, need stuffs!  Bought 3 saddle pads, a tail bag, polos, boots, super duper fun bell boots, 2 blankets, a saddle, a bridle.. a saddle cover..

Spent way too many hours on kijiji looking at stuffs.. but got my blankets that way..

I love pics.. so..

Blingy bridle.. purple reins.. ;)

I have orange tiger boots in the mail.. and my purple zebra tail bag and polos should be being shipped soon..

Oh I also bought new dog tags on etsy from SayWhatCreations.  I got two of these, in brass with my cell number.. till now I've always used my home phone, but we travel so much... heart shaped tags.  I bought Cider a rubit recently.. so Cider has a tag again.. I can't find Smudge's rubit.. I've misplaced it.  Had to take it off at a Rally-O trial in the ring..  And put it who knows where.

I still want one of these for Panzer halter tag.  But until the fence has working electric.. she sticks her face through too much and too often.  She's ripped her halter between two holes..

I found this super awesome store last night.  Sadly they only ship in America.  I want like $200 of stuff.  I need to go on a vacation to America again.

I also found a Frenchie breeder I kind of like.  Still high priced.. but they have an agile water loving bitch.  I'd like to email them this week to see if they'll ever breed her again.  Decalida Frenchies.

Lastly... Rebecca over at Ella's Lead is a terrible terrible enabler!  She is a make up and body product connoisseur..  and I am waiting for some scrumptious smelling body scrubs, spray in conditioner, and other stuffs..

We also got a month ago a matching set of collars.. but I don't have pics yet.  We are uber cute.  First time I've gone for something 'different'.  I got a bracelet that matches Cider's collar too, so when people mention collars and I don't have my pups, I can show them my bling ;)  I also got a wonderful leash from them, my first leather leash ever..  So here's borrowed pics from them for now to tide you all over.

The one one the left with diamonds is Cider's.  The one on top with squares is Smudge's.  The bracelet on the bottom is mine!  We've worn them about a month, been swimming lots.  The leather is darkening but looks fantastic, as always and the furkids go swimming daily now that it's hot as hell out.  New pics to come if I can get Kerri to take pics for me as her pics rock better than mine ;)  Cider has learned to swim all on her own this year, and life jacket free.  I'm super excited for her.  She goes into the pond on her own with little prompting.  If it is hot enough she gets in on her own, if not asking her to go swim she does it.  Considering my little girl acted like she was drowning most of her life, this is amazing.  I took her into the pool yesterday in her life jacket.  For the first time ever, no fighting no digging in claws.  She swam peacefully with me.  It was awesome.  I'm proud of her increased confidence.

Smudge's back as also been an interesting work in progress.  I picked up a supplement at the Greenhawk warehouse sale that is glucosamine and other things.  Both the furkids look chubby and have less muscle than ever.  So we set up a line of ten jumps as single stride bounces and have been running most of the dogs over them.  It's been only about 2 weeks, and they have more muscle, and Smudge's back appears straighter.  He's 2 months overdue for the chiro, as work and the end of school has been hectic.  I'd like them to evaluate him as I think he looks better, and he's more 'adventurous'.  He jumped into a really high truck last week no prompting.  Usually he would put paws on something and wait to be lifted.  My bed is also very high, and he jumped on it repeatedly last night.  Often he does it once.. and then 'asks'.  This is huge as we've been seeing a chiro every three weeks for years..  I love the chiro, but this seems to be a more permanent fix as opposed to the often maintenance.

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