Sunday, September 9, 2012


So after months of contemplating puppies.. One fell into my lap.  A hairy hairless chinese crested.. that the more I research he may be considered closer to a true or moderate hairless as he has a smattering of body hair, not loads..

Obligatory pictures!!

This is Arson!  He was previously Fred..  He was SO a Fred before I shaved his face...  Picture of him being a Fred ;)

An he's wearing Cider's 'The Brain' Ella's Lead collar ;)

He's making new friends... He finds Dekka sexy, and she finds him similar.  Whippets and Cockers are scary.. JRTs are fine..  Smudge is dying to play with him.  He isn't getting it.  Cider is so scary he rolled onto his back for easy penis sniffing access..

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